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Automate operations, enforce security best practices, improve uptime, and elevate insights across all your Dapr clusters

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Enterprise Dapr support included

Production SLA Support

Our customer support team responds to issues in production within 4 business hours. Conductor is always shipping new features to improve the service.

Open Source Dapr Support

We investigate Dapr production issues, provide temporary patches to priority issues in Dapr OSS upstream and prioritize our OSS engineers for your fixes.

Dapr Architectural Reviews & Training

Dapr architectural reviews and best practices workshops can be held on a one-off or regular basis for your application teams. We can also provide Dapr training.

Diagrid Conductor

Conductor quickly and securely connects to all your Kubernetes clusters running Dapr and Daprized applications, delivering operational excellence, security & reliability, and insights & collaboration.

Conductor Dashboard

Operational excellence

Optimize resource usage & control costs saving up to 80% infra cost
Monitor & manage multiple Dapr clusters across any Kubernetes distribution
Automatic Dapr upgrades and downgrades save Ops time up to several days each month

Security & reliability

Apply production best practices saving up to 15 days of developer time per year
Automatically schedule certificate updates with zero downtime
Stay current on Dapr versions & security patches with Custom OSS patches in 72 hours

Insights & collaboration

Real-time analysis and alerting on over 150 Dapr metrics
Diagnose application, error, & latency issues, cutting discovery time by 70%
Visualize app dependencies & share with team saving up to 10 hours per month

Automated Dapr Management

One-click installation, upgrade and patching of Dapr with selective application update and automated rollback means you’re always up to date.

Advisor: Automated best-practices

Be informed and apply production best practices, with continuous checking to prevent misconfigurations, increasing security, reliability and performance.

Resource Usage Reporting & Tracking

By studying past resource behavior, recommend application resource optimization usage leading to significant cost savings on CPU and memory.

Application Visualizer

The application graph facilitates collaboration between dev and ops by providing a dynamic overview of your services and infrastructure components.

"Looking at the wide range
of functionality. Diagrid Conductor allows
us to run Dapr on AKS with confidence."

"Diagrid Conductor, like Dapr, is an exceptional product that can revolutionize how developers produce and manage products."
"Conductor has saved us an average of 60 minutes debugging time when detecting and resolving a Dapr application or infrastructure error."
"We really consider Diagrid Conductor as life insurance for our continuously growing microservices environment."
"Looking at the wide range
of functionality. Diagrid Conductor allows
us to run Dapr on AKS with confidence."

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