WEBINAR: Dapr Service Invocation API Deep Dive & v1.11 Updates - Watch the Replay
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Let Conductor manage Dapr on your Kubernetes cluster so you can focus on writing code.

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Automate your way to nirvana

Turn your Kubernetes cluster into a microservices powerhouse. Drastically reduce Dapr operational overhead while increasing reliability and security.

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Fail-safe upgrades/downgrades with built in rollbacks for the Dapr control plane and sidecars

Manage multiple Dapr clusters using a single pane of glass

Seamless root certificate rotations


Operational insights that matter

Gain unparalleled visibility into your applications and infrastructure using the telemetry data generated by Dapr. Conductor tracks the health of your entire system and immediately shows you when something is wrong with built-in alerting for every Dapr metric.


Golden metrics for Dapr sidecars, components and your applications


Apply best practices, prevent misconfigurations and secure your applications with Dapr Advisor


Automatically uncover sidecar errors and issues. Stay informed with built-in alerts

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Get expert help and support

Get access to the creators of Dapr for architectural reviews and consultation. We are working with Fortune 500 companies, startups and SMBs across the world, enabling them to adopt Dapr for their mission critical workloads.

Get access to Diagrid Conductor

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Frequently Asked Questions

Diagrid has the experience developing and building large scale, distributed systems and working with tech savvy organizations including Fortune 500 companies. We created the Dapr and KEDA CNCF projects and are deeply rooted in open source and cloud native communities.

Conductor is completely unobtrusive to your Dapr and Kubernetes operations. It is not in your critical path and if it goes down, your applications continue to work uninterrupted.

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