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Take Dapr’s distributed systems APIs to the next level with a fully managed Dapr on Kubernetes service to accelerate development, improve reliability, and reduce infrastructure costs.

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Bringing Dapr to the Enterprise

Diagrid was founded by Dapr co-creators Mark Fussell and Yaron Schneider who open-sourced the project in 2019. We help companies build and run high scale, modern applications using open-source technologies.

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Put Dapr on autopilot with Diagrid Conductor

Get fully managed Dapr on Kubernetes. Conductor takes away all the operational overhead so that you can run Dapr in production with confidence.

  • Fully automated

    Fail-safe upgrades and downgrades with auto-rollback, certificate renewals and self-healing control plane

    Operational insights

    Uncover hidden issues and gain key insights into your Daprized applications through advanced analytics


    Save precious time by operating multiple clusters using a single dashboard

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    “The IBM Accelerated Discovery Team has integrated Dapr and Diagrid Conductor into the heart of a new platform for accelerated science, bringing together serverless, cross-cloud computing, with novel computing resources, including quantum inspired simulation and generative and surrogate model AI techniques.”

    Karl Wehden, IBM Research Product Director
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    “Ignition Group is driven by technology and data, always looking for an innovative way to deliver an outstanding service to our clients. Because our business deals with millions of transactions a day across multiple verticals, we need our programs to be stable and agile, and give us the ability to identify and solve problems quickly. Over the past six months, Diagrid has proven to us that they offer all of this and more, and we are very proud to be associated with them from the beginning.”

    Russell Stather, CTO
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    Developers can focus on
    what matters: their code

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    Building on open source Dapr

    Dapr provides developers with APIs that abstract away the complexity of common challenges when building distributed applications. By letting Dapr take care of the complex challenges such as service communication, pub/sub, state management, observability, and secret management, developers can focus on business value and keep code lean and portable.

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    gRPC API

    image of Service-to-service Invocation

    Service-to-service Invocation

    image of State Management

    State Management

    image of Publish & subscribe

    Publish & subscribe

    image of Resource bindings and triggers

    Resource bindings and triggers

    image of Actors


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    image of Secrets


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    image of Distributed Lock

    Distributed Lock

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