WEBINAR: Dapr Service Invocation API Deep Dive & v1.11 Updates - Watch the Replay

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Boost developer productivity by providing tools and APIs for building cloud native applications.

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Our Story

Diagrid was founded by Mark Fussell and Yaron Schneider who created the Dapr and KEDA OSS projects and developed large scale platforms for running distributed applications at Microsoft.

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Mark Fussell


Mark Fussell

Co-founder, maintainer and steering committee member of Dapr

Previously led product development for Azure Service Fabric and managed the Azure CTO Incubations team at Microsoft

30 years of experience developing technical strategies, building computing platforms and running product teams

Yaron Schneider


Yaron Schneider

Co-founder, maintainer and steering committee member of Dapr

Co-founder, emeritus maintainer of KEDA

Previously led engineering architecture for Azure Container Apps and Azure CTO Incubations team at Microsoft

Challenges for developers

Through those experiences, startups, enterprises and the open source developer community repeatedly told us they are increasingly coming under pressure; tasked to release business solutions in a shorter amount of time due to the huge growth in demand for always-on, global online services. This is happening in concert with a once-in-a-generation platform and architecture shift to cloud and distributed, microservices-based architectures. Developers are required to learn new technologies as they build apps that handle more load and serve more users than ever. With these new architectures, emerging best practices and myriad of tools available for developers comes additional complexity and steep learning curves.

Today every company must have their services secure and reliable by default. Meanwhile, developers who need to write apps that span multiple clouds or cloud and edge are faced with additional challenges, needing to maintain and tame multiple codebases while taking dependencies on many SDKs and open source libraries. All of this adds complexity and increases security concerns. Developers are seeing an exponential increase in the amount of code, more pressure to release and code breaking due to dependencies.

Add to the mix a global pandemic that disrupted our way of living, working and doing business, and it becomes clear that developers are facing great challenges.

Learn more by listening to our episode on the Open Source Startup Podcast, Making Distributed Systems More Accessible with Diagrid.

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