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John Allwright

John Allwright

Jun 27 2023

Local Development of Cloud-Native Apps with Dapr and Testcontainers

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Have you ever realized that the database driver version used in your production environment differs from the one you use for development? What about other applications' infrastructure components?

In this session, Diagrid's Mauricio Salatino (@salaboy) and AtomicJar's Oleg Šelajev (@shelajev) examine how Dapr helps simplify this situation using a Cloud Native set of API-based interfaces that enable developers to build distributed applications quickly, no matter the programming language that they are using.

But you might wonder how this works outside of Kubernetes for a local development experience. That is where Testcontainers come to save the day! We also look at how you can use Testcontainers to wire up your cloud development environments for developers to be productive writing distributed applications.



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