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John Allwright

John Allwright

Apr 13 2023

Diagrid Simplifies Dapr Management Across Kubernetes Clusters With Enhancements to Diagrid Conductor

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SEATTLE and AMSTERDAM (KubeCon+CloudNativeCon Europe, Booth #SU27)—April 13, 2023: Diagrid, provider of tools and services to build reliable and portable applications using Dapr, today announced updates to Diagrid Conductor, its fully managed service that simplifies Dapr in production. With Diagrid Conductor, developers and platform engineers can confidently and more easily manage Dapr applications on Kubernetes across multiple clusters and cloud providers.

Founded by the creators of Dapr and Kubernetes Event-Driven Autoscaling (KEDA), Mark Fussell and Yaron Schneider, Diagrid emerged from stealth in October 2022 with $24.2 million in funding. Its customer base has since grown by a factor of three and includes companies like IBM and Ignition Group.

Dapr is a rapidly growing Cloud Native Computing Foundation incubating project—with more than 2,600 contributors and 20,800 GitHub stars—that provides APIs that simplify distributed application development. Dapr addresses complex challenges such as service discovery and invocation, message-driven architectures, statefulness, observability, and secret management. The Diagrid team are active contributors and maintainers to Dapr, and over half of its engineering team spend time contributing to Dapr and other open source projects such as Knative and Cert Manager.

“Our vision is to provide developers using any framework or cloud with a distributed systems API platform to build reliable, secure and portable applications,” said Mark Fussell, Diagrid co-founder and CEO. “We developed Dapr to help developers maximize productivity building cloud-native applications on Kubernetes. Founding Diagrid and building on Dapr was the logical next step; Diagrid Cloud makes Dapr’s services available to every and any developer while incorporating our best-practice expertise running Dapr in production.”

The new updates to Diagrid Conductor further accelerate development and reduce operational costs when building high scale, modern applications using open source and cloud native technologies. Highlights of some updates include:

  • App Visualizer: Dynamically create a graphical representation of all the services and infrastructure in an application, along with their connectivity through service invocation and pub-sub messaging. The App Visualizer also shows the health status of every service and, by displaying latency, throughput and error rate metrics, rapidly identifies issues that are happening live in production.
  • Advisor: Analyze your Dapr installation for best practice recommendations and receive guidance on how to proactively fix any potential issues with a single click. Advisor provides advice in the categories of Security, Reliability, Performance, and Observability. The library of recommendations has grown over 5x since Conductor’s first release, including all the needs for the latest v1.10 Dapr release.
  • Certificate Rotation and Management: Maintaining a strong security posture with regular certificate renewals and preventing certificate expiry from causing application outages is crucial in production. Automatically create, rollout and rotate certificates on a customizable schedule without downtime and have applications apply updated certificates for increased security.
  • Cost Optimization: By gathering CPU and memory metrics over days and weeks, the intelligent cost optimizer learns the needs for all services. The cost optimizer provides recommendations to save money on unnecessary overprovisioning or flags under provisioning that may cause application responsiveness issues.

Learn more about how Diagrid Conductor can drastically reduce your Dapr operational overhead in production and sign up for access here.

About Diagrid

Diagrid’s mission is to boost developer productivity by building applications based on open source technologies such as Dapr and KEDA, particularly those focused on cloud native and microservice architectures. Diagrid provides developers with productive tools and APIs, so developers can concentrate on what matters: their business. For more information, go to diagrid.io, follow @diagridio on Twitter, or check out the Dapr community on Discord (bit.ly/dapr-discord).

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